Olympic Park (II)

Buffalo, NY

Team: Buffalo Bisons Opening Day: 1889
Closing Day: September 18, 1960 AKA: Olympic Park II (1889-1906), Buffalo Baseball Park (1907-23), Bison Stadium (1924-34), Offermann Stadium (1935-1960)
Dimensions: LF 321 CF 400 RF 297

The bleachers from Olympic Park I were carried to this new site during the winter of 1888 - 89. In fact, this park was built with second hand lumber from the previous stadium. When the contractor wasn't paid his $800, he showed up on opening day, blocking the entrance with a shotgun, demanding his money. The average attendance per game was 942. This was a hitter's park.

In 1924 a new concrete and steel stadium was built on the site of the old Olympic Park II. The "half million dollar stadium that could accommodate 15,000" actually cost $256,000 and could hold about 13,000. There was a 60 foot scoreboard installed in 1934. Almost all of the seating was grandstand seating. On the last day that Offermann Stadium was open, during the regular season, the Bisons manager and the Toronto Maple Leafs (baseball team) manager had a wheel barrel race.

The stadium was razed in 1960 to make room for a junior high school.

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