South Street Park

Indianapolis, IN

Team: Indianapolis Blues (NL 1878) Opening Day: May 1, 1878
Closing Day: September 14, 1878

This park was home to Indiana's first pro baseball team. The field was constructed on a cornfield in 1869. There isn't much know about this park, since it was only used for one season. The ladies entrance was on Alabama Street. Right now it is in a slightly run down neighborhood next to the Wholesale District, which has most of the city's bars and entertainment venues including Victory Field, home of the AAA Indianapolis Indians.

Baseball first came to this park in 1876 when the minor league International Association team, the Capital Citys, started playing here. They drew big crowds, especially during National League teams whom they played in exhibiton games. They were a pretty good team, winning their league championship. At the end of the 1876 season the National League announced which ever team had the best record against the National League in exhibition games in 1877 would be admitted to the League in 1878. Well the Capital Cities won, changed thier name, and then went 24-36, finishing next to last. They then left the National League.

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