South End Grounds

Boston, MA

Team: Boston Braves (NL 1876-1914), Boston Red Stockings (NA 1871-75) Capacity: 6,800 (1888)
Opening Day: May 16, 1871 Closing Day: August 11, 1914
Dimensions: LF 250, CF 440, RF 255 Surface: grass
AKA: Walpole Street Grounds, Grand Pavilion, Boston Base-ball Grounds

Memorable Moments:

The South End Grounds, which was located across the street from the Huntington Avenue Grounds, was the home of the Boston Braves for 20 years. Three structures stood on this sight, the second one burned down, and all three of them looked like castles. This was Boston's first double decker park. Now Ruggles Station, which is a MBTA (public transportation) station for the Orange Line "T" (subway) and Commuter Rail is located there.

There were actually three South End Grounds that stood on this spot. South End Grounds I was in use from 1871 until it was torn down in 1887. South End Grounds II (pictured above) was also known as the Grand Pavilion. This had the famous towers that made it look like a palace. It burned down May 15, 1894. South End Grounds III, was actually smaller than the Grand Pavilion and only had one deck because the previous park was under insured.

Modern day parking garage, formerly South End Grounds.

The South End Grounds 'hood. The old cigar factory,
that was around when the field was, in the background still stands.

2001-17 Paul Healey. Aerial photograph courtesy of Andrew Landry.