Colt Stadium

Houston, TX

Team: Houston Colt .45s (Astros) Opening Day: April 10, 1962
Capacity: 32,000 Dimensions: Foul Lines 360 Power Alleys 395 CF 420
Surface: grass Closing Day: September 27, 1964
Owner: Harris County Cost: $2 million

"On a muggy August evening the heat and humidity and humongous Texas-sized mosquitoes made the Colt .45s home a lot like playing ball in Vietnam." - Ballparks of North America by Michael Benson.

The misquotes were so bad, that the grounds crew sprayed in between innings. The park had a singled uncovered grandstand stretching from foul pole to foul pole. There were bleachers in left and right field, but nothing in center. The original public address announcer at this ballpark was Dan Rather, earning $10 a game. This park was built as a temporary solution to house the Houston expansion team since Buff Stadium was considered unsuitable. After two years, the park was dismantled and moved to Gomez Palacio, Mexico to be home to the Torreon Cotton Growers.

2008 Paul Healey. Picture of stadium its owner.