Buff Stadium

Houston, TX

Team: Houston Eagles Opening Day: April 11, 1928
Capacity: 11,500 Dimensions: LF 345 CF 440 RF 325
AKA: Busch Stadium, Buffalo Stadium

This park was named after the Buffalo Bayou, which divides Houston. The park was home to the Texas League Houston Buffaloes, and the University of Houston Cougars. The park was renamed Busch Stadium when the Buffaloes were a St. Louis Cardinals farm club. The entrance sported a Spanish-style gate. When Houston was granted an expansion franchise, it was decided that this park was too small and didn't have the parking for a major league club.

The current site of Buff Stadium is Fingers Furniture Store. In the back of the store is the Houston Sports Museum, which has numerous artifacts from Houston's sports past. Also, it has a plaque commemorating the exact location of home plate.

2007-17 Paul Healey.