Jefferson Grounds

Philadelphia, PA

Teams: Philadelphia Athletics (NA 1871-75, NL 1876, AA 1883-90),
Philadelphia Whites (NA 1873-75)
Capacity: 5,000
Opening Day: May 15, 1871 Closing Day: October 11, 1890
Dimensions: CF 500 AKA: Athletic's Park, Centennial Park

Memorable Moments:

This park was the first enclosed park in Philadelphia. There was a swimming pool beyond the outfield, just like in Arizona. This park was demolished before Arizona was a state. This park was so well groomed at one point, they boasted their field was "as level as a billiards table".

On a Saturday afternoon, April 22, 1876, the first National League game was played. Every other National League game that day was rained out. Boston beat the Athletics 6-5. The game took 2:05 to play and there were 26 errors committed.

This park is currently the site of the Daniel Boone Public School.

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