Oriole Park (III)

Baltimore, MD

Team: Baltimore Orioles (AA 1891, NL 1892-99) Capacity: 6,000 (1891) 6,500 (1894)
AKA: Union Park Dimensions: LF 300 RF 350

Memorable Moments:

Across the street from Oriole Park (I), a beer wholesaler by the name of Harry von for Horst, bought and built this park. He moved his Orioles there and charged five cents to get in. He made $30,000 in 1893. Part of the reason was that he had things fans would come to see if the team wasn't doing well. He installed a beer garden and had dances at the park after games. The park burned in 1894 and was reconstructed with larger grandstands. Bike barns were built along Barclay Street. Water from a stream, Brady's Run, was always flowing into right field, turning it into a bog.

2005-17 Paul Healey.