Nantasket Bay

Hull, MA

On September 2, 1880, the first baseball game under the lights was sponsored by Boston's Northern Electric Light Company. Edison had invented the incandescent bulb a year before, and the electric company wanted to show what it could do so they could sell some of the first street lights. The field was equipped with three towers, each holding twelve lights, for a total candlepower of 30,000.

Two Boston area department stores, Jordan Marsh and R.H. White, played each other to a 16 - 16 tie, as the 300 spectators had to catch the last boat back to Boston. No one came to see the game, the lights were the attraction. It would be another three years before lights would surface at another ballpark, The Grand Dutchess, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The park was located behind Nantasket's Sea Foam house which is long gone.

I am pretty sure this is the site of the park.

The Sea Foam House was located right on the water.

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