Lynn, MA

Team: Lynn Papooses Official Name: General Electric Athletic Association Park

Memorable Moment:

New England League President, Claude Davidson, was trying to improve attendance at league games. Thanks to "Blue Laws" in Massachusetts at the time, there was no Sunday baseball, so most games were played while people were working. He worked with engineers at General Electric to have a game played under artificial light here. They originally planned to have an exhibition game on June 23, 1929, getaway day for the New York Yankees, who were in Boston playing the Red Sox, so they could promote the game with Babe Ruth. This game was rained out so a New England League game was held the following day with the Papooses playing the Salem Witches. The rain may have been a blessing in disguise for Lynn, because now GE Field is now home to the "first organized night baseball game".

2008-17 Paul Healey.