Dartmouth Grounds

Boston, MA

Team: Boston Reds AKA: Union Park
Architect: S.J.F. Thayer Capacity: 4,570
Dimensions: LF 274 SLF 419 LC 385 CF 325 RC 295 SRF 290 RF 274 BS 75

This park is located in the heart of Boston's Back Bay section, near Copley Square. The site of the park is actually Copley Place Mall and the enterance to the Massachusetts Turnpike. Irvington Oval was part of this sporting complex. The grandstand had room to accommodate 1,523 fans, with room for fifty more in six boxes. On either end of the grandstand, above the regular seats, there will be three red and black boxes. Each box will have room for about eight to ten people. The April 3, 1884 issue of the Boston Globe says that the designs are "very neat" because the architecture is "Moorish". The walls be of iron, covered with corrugated iron. Underneath the grandstand, there were bathrooms, "dressing rooms", a restaurant, and a Western Union office. The ballpark will below street level, and a bicycle track will surround the park.

Thanks to the Boston Public Library for helping find the location of this park.

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