Vaughn Street Ballpark

Portland, OR

Team: Portland Beavers Opening Day: May 22, 1901
Capacity: 6,000 Closing Day: 1955
Razed: 1956

Memorable Moments:

E.I. Fuller, owner of the Portland Railway Company, and C.F. Swigert, owner of the Suburban Steelway Company both had street car lines running to the site where this ballpark would be built. Both men decided that increased rail traffic and gate receipts would make this a worthy endeavor. Initially the capacity was 3,000, but was increased to 6,000 in 1905 to host the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition. In 1926, Multnomah Stadium was constructed. Most people thought the Beavers would move there, however the team remained put. In 1955, the park was in rough shape, and the neighborhood was becoming more industrial, so the owners decided to tear it down at the end of the year and turn it into an industry park.

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