Capilano Stadium

Vancouver, BC

Team: Vancouver Mounties Capacity: LF 335 CF 395 RF 335
Capacity: 6,500 Opening Day: July 15, 1951
Owner: City of Vancouver Cost: $550,000 CAD
AKA: Nat Bailey Stadium

Memorable Moments:

Originally built in 1951, this park was renamed Nat Bailey Stadium, in 1978, to honor the Vancouver restaurateur and his tireless efforts to promote baseball in the city. This park was home to the Mounties, when the Oakland Oaks moved here in 1956. The team moved to Salt Lake City in 1969. Vancouver was without baseball until 1978 when the Vancouver Canadians started playing the PCL. They moved to Sacramento following the 1999 season. Shortly there after the Northwest League franchise from Medford, OR moved to Vancouver for the start of the 2000 season under the name Canadians.

2007-17 Paul Healey.