Swayne Field

Toledo, OH

Team: Toledo Tigers (NNL1 1923), Toledo Crawfords (NAL 1939-40) Dimensions: LF 472 CF 482 (1923) 448 (1938) RF 327
Capacity: 10,000 (1923) 12,500 (1938) AKA: Noah H. Swayne Field, Mud Hen Park
Opening Day: July 3, 1909 First Night Game: June 23, 1933
Razed: 1955

Toledo has fielded numerous teams over the years. As of 1909, The Glass City had its tenth home of organized baseball since 1883. It also had a reputation of having terrible baseball parks. Noah H. Swayne Field, named after the donor of the land, hoped to change that image by constructing the finest ballpark the minors had ever known. This park had a double decked concrete grandstand.

Out over the left field fence was the Red Man Tobacco Factory and a pile of coal. The only person to ever hit a ball into those coal piles was Sam Jethroe. Kids were allowed to sit into the bleachers for free if they turned in a home run ball they managed to chase down.

Here is a list of the minor league teams that played here and what league they belonged to.

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