Neil Park

Columbus, OH

Home Teams: Columbus Buckeyes (NNL1 1921), Columbus Turfs (NSL 1932), Columbus Bluebirds (NNL2 1932)
Built: April 1900 Cost: $64,000 (1905)
First Game: April 15, 1900

On April 5, 1900, contractor John D. Evans, dismantled Athletic Park in Columbus and moved it via Columbus Street Railway System to 512 Cleveland Avenue. This park was reassembled and renamed Neil Park, after Robert Neil, the owner of the land. Athletic Park was moved because it was too far out to draw well. A new grandstand was built in 1905, because the minor league Columbus Senators were so successful in the newly formed American Association. As with the Baker Bowl and Polo Grounds II, the Columbus clubhouse was in centerfield. Terry "Cotton Top" Turner hit two homeruns in one day, both went through the clubhouse door. This was the first concrete and steel stadium in organized baseball. Forbes Field would not be built until 1909.

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