Seals Stadium

San Francisco, CA

Team: San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Seals Opening Day: April 7, 1931
First Giants Game: April 15, 1958 Last Giants Game: September 20, 1959
Demolished: November 1959 Capacity: 16,000 (1931), 22,900 (1958)
Dimensions: LF 340 CF 400 RF 385 (1931), LF 361 CF 400 RF 350 (1959) Cost: $600,000

Memorable Moments:

Statue outside of SBC Park.

This park was built in 1931 as a home of the Seals and the Missions of the Pacific Coast League. In 1938, the Missions moved and became the Hollywood Stars, leaving just the Seals. They played here until 1958 when the Giants came along. Two years later, the Giants moved to Candlestick Park and Seals Stadium was demolished.

Currently a shopping plaza, with a 24 hour Safeway stands on the site. The employees say that sometimes, late at night, they see the ghosts of old ballplayers roaming the aisles. If you build it, they will shop. The fold-down reserve seats and lighting towers are still being used today at Cheney Stadium, Tacoma, Washington.

In September, 1950, the Seals announced that they would no longer sell peanuts. They claimed that cleaning up the shells cost more than the income made from the peanut sales. There was outrage. People smuggled in their own peanuts and tossed the shells everywhere. The Seals then started to sell peanuts again and gave out 18,000 bags as a promotion. In response, the Seals maintenance crew asked for a raise.

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