Qualcomm Stadium

San Diego, CA

Team: San Diego Padres Opening Day: August 20, 1967
First MLB Game: April 8, 1969 AKA: San Diego Stadium (1967-79), Jack Murphy Stadium (1980 - May 20, 1997)
Capacity: 47,634 (1967) 63,890 (2003) Dimensions: LF 330 CF 420 (1969) 405 (1982) RF 330
Last MLB Game: September 28, 2003 Architect: Frank L. Hope
Owner: City of San Diego Cost: $27 million

Memorable Moments:

This park's parking lot is one of the largest in the world, and often hosts events of its own. In the 1960's, local sports writer Jack Murphy, started to build support for a multi use stadium. In November 1965, a $27 million bond was set up to fianace the stadium. It is designed in the Brutalist style. The main tennants were the AFL (American Football League) San Diego Chargers and the PCL San Diego Chargers. After Murphy died in 1980, the Stadium was named after him. In 1983, 9,000 bleachers were added to the lower deck. In 1997, 11,000 more seats were added and the stadium was fully enclosed, all in preperation for the Super Bowl. This venue is still home to the Chargers, UCSD Aztecs, and Ted Giannoulas, The Chicken.

Padres retired numbers are (in numerical order and the years they were retired):

2011-17 Paul Healey. Black and white picture its owner.