Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles, CA

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day: October 6, 1923
First Dodgers Game: April 18, 1958 Dimensions: LF 250 (1958) 251.6 (1959) CF 425 (1958) 420 (1959) RF 301 (1958) 300 (1959)
Surface: grass Last Dodgers Game: September 20, 1961
Capacity: 94,600 (1958) Cost: $954,873 (1923) $950,294 (1958)
Architect: John & Donald Parkinson Builder: Edwards, Wildey and Dixon Co.
Owner: City of Los Angeles

Memorable Moments:

The Dodgers moved to the Coliseum originally when they came from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. They played here for four years while Dodger Stadium was being built. This is a football stadium, so the dimensions are strange. There was a 42 foot screen in left field that was used like a fence because the distance was so short. Also, foul territory was quite large on the third base side and the opposite for the other side.

Outfielder Wally Moon became famous for hitting fly balls over the screen in left. These hits were called "Moon Shots".

2006-17 Paul Healey.