Driving Park at Agricultural County Fair Grounds
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Worcester, MA
Team: Worcester Brown Stockings Opening Day: May 1, 1880
Closing Day: September 29, 1882 Surface: grass

Memorable Moments

The Brown Stockings drew less than 100 fans on three occasions in 1882: 18 on September 29, 25 on September 28, and 54 on May 15. All of these games were against the Troy Trojans. Ironically, the vintage base ball (people who get dressed up in 19th century uniforms and play baseball using old rules) Worcester Brown Stockings (who play today) have a big game against the vintage Troy Trojans every year.

Today Becker College is located on the site where the park was.

Driving Park was the name of the baseball diamond. The center piece of Agricultural County Fair Grounds was the track that ran around it.

2002-16 Paul Healey.
All black and white pictures Worcester Historical Museum.