Seventh Street Park

Indianapolis, IN

Team: Indianapolis Hoosiers Opening Day: May 14, 1884
Closing Day: October 5, 1889 Dimensions: LF 286, RF 261
AKA: Sixteenth Street Park, Tinker Park

A characteristic of the park was the habit of fans throwing nickels and dimes to any of the players who hit a home run. Also since this park was located on the edge of town, transportation was provided by mule carts. Now a hospital stands on the location of the existing park.

John T. Brush owned this team and he would later go on to own the New York Giants. This team's record was never beter than second to last, but the Indianapolis citizens loved them, this is probably why they love the Cubs now. Before the 1890 season started, the National League expelled this team and the Washington franchise.

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