Maryland Park

Baltimore, MD

Team: Baltimore Black Sox

Memorable Moments:

From The Baltimore African American, February 9, 1923:

"When the fans file through he turnstiles on the opening date this year at Black Sox park they will find themselves face to face with several improvements that will round out the most complete colored baseball park in the country.

The entrance will be changed so that those who purchase tickest for the grandstand will go through one gate while those who buy for the bleachers will enter another thus there will be no congestion at the entrances.

The outfield has been re-seeded, the ground leveled, and if the ground can be ????? the right-field fence will be moved back about 25 feet if not, then the posts will be removed and a high screen put up. Another new grandstand in that field will be built.

One fo the greatest improvements is for the benefit of the players, which is that hot and cold showers have been put in the club houses and also individual lockers."

From The Baltimore African American, March 9, 1923:

"When the fans enter the park on the opening day, Messrs. Rossiter and Spedden promise that they will find themselves face to face with the finest colored baseball park in the South. They have secured sufficient ground, in the right field, to move the fence back about 100 feet. This done, an additional grandstand will be built adjoining the small one already in this section, and the "bleachers" wil be moved to the center-field, or if this dones not prove practical, will be moved to the extreme end of the right stands.

A new entrance has also been built,... Over this main entrance, a lattice-work arcade is being built. The fence at this point has been brought out flush with the street..."

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