Bain Field

Norfolk, VA

Capacity: 8,205

This from William Inge, who works in the Sergeant Memorial Room at the Norfolk Public Library, and found at

"Bain Field was originally called Norfolk Baseball Park. The land was owned by the Abbey Land Co., Inc. In 1917, it was purchased by the American Peanut Corporation. They had a large factory & warehouse on E. Water St. that was completely destroyed in the great waterfront fire of June, 1931. The President of the American Peanut Corp. was Philip David Bain of Wakefield, VA. He was born on Christmas Day, 1861 & died sometime around 1930. The park was re-named Bain Field in 1931. American Peanut Corp. sold the property in 1944 & it was sold again in 1951 to Birtcherd Dairy. The 1940 landbook has the physical improvements of the property; buildings, bleachers, etc., assessed at $4,000. The 1941 landbook has no valuation for improvements. I think it is safe to say that Bain Field was demolished some time after the July 1, 1940 fire & before the January 1, 1941 real estate assessment."

The large grandstand was accessed by an entrance ramp. Large bleachers extended to the fences on both sides. The clubhouse was located behind the left field bleachers. The catcher faced northeast.

2014-17 Paul Healey. Black and white pictures are © Sergeant Memorial Room, Norfolk Public Library. Used without permission.