Borchert Field

Milwaukee, WI

Team: Milwaukee Brewers (AA 1891), Milwaukee Bears (NNL1 1923), Milwaukee Chicks (AAGPBL 1944) Capacity: 13,000
AKA: Athletic Park (1888-1927) Dimensions: LF 267 LCF 435 CF 392 RCF 435 RF 268

Opening in May of 1888, this park served as Milwaukee's primary home of baseball for 128 years. This park was considered a "bathtub ballpark", since it was constructed on a rectangular block that was too narrow to allow foul lines to run parallel to the streets. The most famous of these parks was New York's Polo Grounds (II). The site lines were terrible. If you didn't sit behind home, you couldn't see the whole field. Also, there was a low roof, lots of support beams and the whole grandstand was netted for protection, further blocking views. The park was named in honor of Otto Borchert in 1928, the former team owner who died the year previous. In 1953, baseball moved to the newly constructed County Stadium, that was built to attract a major league team, which it did successfully. Borchert Field was torn down and now I-43 runs through the site.

2016-17 Paul Healey.