Ballpark at Slater Mill

Pawtucket, RI

Team: Pawtucket Red Sox Opening Day: unknown
Cost: $83 million ($45 million from PawSox, $15 million from Pawtucket and $23 million from Rhode Island) Capacity: 9,000 - 10,000
Owner: City of Pawtucket

The Pawtucket Red Sox want to move out of the ballpark where I spent most of my childhood: McCoy Stadium. McCoy has been the home to the PawSox since 1942. The new ballpark would be in downtown Pawtucket at the site of the Slater Mill where the old Apex Department Store is. In exchange for the $38 million, the PawSox are committing to the ballpark through 2050. The ballpark will be a "park in a park", like Petco Park in San Diego and will be used year round. The PawSox claim that this park will be the center piece for the mixed use Slater Mill site and it keeps them out of Worcester, MA, where they were threatening to move.

On a side note, I personally hate publicly funded stadiums. Teams hold cities hostage for money with claims of "financial benefit" that are mostly BS. These things pass because no elected official wants to be the guy who lost the Brooklyn Dodgers. These teams make plenty of money and can pay for these things. With that being said, in this climate, this is a pretty good deal for Pawtucket and the state of Rhode Island, specifically because they retain ownership of the park.

2018 Paul Healey.