LewisGale Field

Salem, VA

Team: Salem Red Sox Affiliate: Boston Red Sox
League: Carolina League Opening Day: August 7, 1995
Capacity: 6,300 Dimensions: LF 325, CF 401, RF 325
Surface: grass Architect: Kinsey Shane & Associates (Salem)
Contractor: J.M. Turner & Company (Roanoke, VA) Owner: City of Salem
Cost: $10.1 million Ground Breaking: September 1994
Official Name: LewisGale Field at Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium AKA: Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium (1995 - 2006)

Memorable Moments:

This park is a fairly standard run of the mill minor league park, except for two things. You can see below, the Blue Ridge Mountains. That blueish haze is how they got their name. Also, there is a regulation, to scale, wiffle ball field modeled after Fenway Park. Both are pictured below.

2011-17 Paul Healey.